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Choose the package that best suits your agency needs. We believe that there are 6 Pillars of success for you to have the agency of your dreams.  

If you are an Agency Owner who is figuring out what the next steps are to scaling your agency and having the same recurring issues, then this coaching program is for you. 
 1. Each month you will be invited to our Growit Circle Live Training call that I will personally host. 
2. Weekly Accountability Checkin on your personal & professional goals.
3. At the end of each call you can get coaching from me in our live Q & A session.
4. Access to previous recorded calls and webinar training sessions. 
5. Join our online community of successful Digital Agency Owners who take action in our private Facebook Group.
6. 50% off Growit Academy Online Training Courses.
Our Growit Circle Elite Coaching Program offers you the same benefits as the Growit Circle, plus a monthly call with Clodagh S. Higgins. This 6 months coaching program will cover the 6 Pillars that we've identified as key success indicators in an agency. Each month we cover a new topic and work on the problems you're facing based on our key sub-categories in each pillar. 

  Is this the year you take your agency to the next level and achieve your personal goals too? 

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1. People

Agency Culture Evaluation Form for all staff
- Employee & Management Training
- Recruitment strategy & training program
- Recruitment assistance and help
- Onboarding of new employees
- Skill mapping and Resource planning

2. Strategy

- Agency Positioning
- Organizational Stricture
- Agency Owner Coaching
- Management Structure & Governance
- Agency Reporting setup
- Inbound Agency Financial Assessment
- Board/Senior/ Manager/ Owners/ Directors/ Partners Assessment
3. Growth
- Defining what growth means to you and for your agency.
- Gain control of your Agency Financials
- Customer profitability exercises to find out which of your clients is the most profitable and which ones are the least.
- Software & Tools Agency Audit
- Get your agency investor ready, even if you are not selling it soon or ever it is a good exercise for you and the management team to do to see if you have any gaps.
4. Service
- Agency Playbook
- Agency Customer Feedback
- Onboarding process and training new clients
- Managing retainer clients / Project Management
- Coaching IMC on client management and communication

5. Sales

- Sales Process
- Buyers Journey & Inbound Salas
- Packaging & Pricing assessment
- Review of current prospecting and lead scoring process
- Audit of current proposals and contracts that you need to send out to prospects
6. Marketing 
- Inbound Marketing for Agencies
- Assessments for your current marketing activities
- Lead Generation / Buyer's Journey
- Current lead generation assessment
- Content & Campaigns / Audit of current content & campaigns performance
- Offline Marketing
A Happy & Healthy Digital Agency
6 Pillars to Build a Profitable Business With Ideal Clients